Surgical stainless steel ben wa balls

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Ultimate Guide to Ben Wa Balls. Ben Wa Balls. Surgical grade stainless steel Ben Wa balls are made with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish. Balls with a string have their benefits, but the ease with which these can be cleaned is a strong positive. Read more about this product….

Ben Wa balls

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The vagina is extremely durable. The fact that it can pass a watermelon-sized object aka, a baby and still retain its shape is impressive all on its own. However strong it is, though, the best kegel balls can help make it even stronger for a myriad of reasons — whether for better orgasms during sex, improved bladder control, or your own comfort levels. Kegel exercises are subtle movements where you contract and relax certain muscles in the vagina.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ben Wa Balls

While the idea that Kegels lead to better sex is not really true getting a jacked vagina will not lead to earth-shattering orgasms , they are helpful for those looking to retrain their pelvic floor, or just looking to enjoy the sensation of Kegel weights or Ben Wa balls in their vagina for funsies. Ben Wa balls, or vaginal exercise weights, are meant to be inserted into your vagina to improve pelvic-floor muscles. Ob-gyn Nita Landry , cohost of The Doctors, explains that when you insert Ben Wa balls into your vagina, your pelvic muscles work to hold them in place. Ob-gyn Candace Howe compares the added weight of these balls to using free weights when exercising other parts of the body.
Ben Wa balls have been around for thousands of years, but many women still have not tried them. In any case, Ben Wa balls serve many purposes because they not only help women get more pleasure in the bedroom, but they are also great for strengthening the pelvic floor and easing problems such as incontinence and the ability to reach an orgasm. Ben Wa balls are usually sold in pairs, and they are marble-like balls that are made out of stainless steel, glass, or even plastic. The steel ones are weighted to make it easier for them to remain in the vagina, and the plastic ones have weighted steel balls inside the plastic part.