Snake tattoo on dick

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About 15 years ago LiGee decided his dick would look better with a cobra on it. And that I have the balls to do it. Other people might want to do it, but they can't take that pain. LiGee was committed to the idea, but he couldn't find a tattoo parlor willing to help him realize his dream. As a compromise, he got a snake tattooed just above his cock, with its tail pointing down toward his member. But as the years rolled by he still couldn't get the idea of a tattooed cock out of his mind.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Penis Tattoos

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As getting inked goes, a penis tattoo is a pretty brave choice. But now we've got you thinking about tattooed penises, so we may as well share this incredibly uncomfortable nugget of information on the topic with you. Guess what? Are you squirming a bit? Feeling a bit queasy? Planning on having a penis tattoo? The answers to those questions are probably yes, yes, NO, and that might be because it sounds incredibly, incredibly, painful - not least because tattoos hurt anyway, but also because it sometimes involves a SPATULA and willies are very tender.


Thinking of getting a tattoo on your ding-dong, willy, pecker, dick, penis, little mate, doodle or one eyed snake? Tattooing your penis is as individual a choice as tattooing any part of your body. You may want to do it to show off. It could hold a personal or sentimental attachment for you. It could be viewed as a right of passage or you might just think it to be a funny surprise to show your partner s new or old.

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