Shooting ping pong balls out of vagina

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If you think ping pong show is a live table tennis tournament event to watch, then you are totally wrong. It is not related to a table tennis match at all. It is not a sporting type event either. In fact, a ping pong show is some sort of stage entertainment in strip clubs that are very common in Thailand. It is a type of sex show in which women shoot ping pong balls out of their vagina. Although ping pong ball is the most iconic object being used in the show, there is no limit on other items that can be used.

Bizarre Ping Pong Show in Thailand

Vaginal Ping Pong Balls are NORMAL — Kim Anami

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Want to Amp Up Your Sex Life? Take Your Vagina to the Gym

My assertion is that multi-orgasmic, ejaculating, ping-pong ball shooting vaginas are the norm, not the exception. These days, so much dysfunction has become normalized: urinary incontinence, low libido, lack of orgasms. The normal, healthy baseline for ALL vaginas is to shoot, ping pong balls and be a source of wild power and pleasure. The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is open! Every woman can be sexually voracious and have a high libido.
Closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear? At a housewarming party for a close friend last weekend, and while I was getting a glass of red at the wine bar, I met a woman in her 60s who introduced herself as a sex therapist. Can I interview you? We grabbed our wine and found a quiet corner.