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In two hours, I saw more naked people than I've seen in the last two years. Since the Roman emperor bathed in the mineral waters of Baden-Baden, this town has welcomed those in need of a good soak. And it's always been naked. In the 19th century, it was Germany's ultimate spa resort, and even today the name Baden-Baden is synonymous with relaxation in a land where the government still pays its overworked citizens to take a little spa time. I happened to be here when one of my company's tour groups was in town. I told the guide that it was a great opportunity for her group to enjoy the spa.

What to Expect at a German Sauna

My Nude Spa Berlin Experience at Vabali Spa | Mostly Amélie

I fell in love with being in a German spa nude at vabali spa berlin. I know some of my German friends would roll their eyes at me for saying that Germans love themselves a bit of mixed gender nudity. Ahh yes, the nude sauna Germany topic, here we go. But upon visiting vabali, I think they totally do. At the very least, you will have heard of a nude spa Germany one way or another. And while some would simplify that the FKK movement was born as a form of resistance against the East German regime, nudism in Germany has its roots way further in history. After doing a little research, what stuck with me most is the use of nudity historically as a way for people to free themselves from the religious restriction that has taught people to be ashamed of their body, and from the industrial society.

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This is about the pursuit of pleasure. About sexuality and body love. About masturbation and sex toys.. That feeling of freedom you get the first time you give up the clothes and let your skin feeding on the air and sun, is something you start missing suddenly, between the last work issue and an argument too much.
Spa visits are not a luxury but a necessity in Germany. The cornerstone of these visits is getting nude and sweating it And - because this is Germany - there are rules. Follow these guidelines or ready yourself for the wrath of some stern and very nude Germans. That is one way to truly learn the German word " Schwanze ".