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The X Spot, where he was arrested, is just a few blocks from where Fred Willard was also nabbed for the same crime. But it's just a coincidence we are assured. Hollywood actors getting arrested for masturbating in porn boutiques is officially now a thing. But the Los Angeles police department promises there is no witch hunt underway to clear the city's backrooms of the self-pleasuring threat. Thursday night brought the latest. Actor Nick Stahl was arrested for lewd conduct at a Hollywood sex shop.


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Blonde brief butt girl riding guy looking in mirror pubes sex slicked back hair washing hands punches friends spits on mirror. Nick Stahl got his start as a child actor in The Man Without a Face but has since transitioned into a sexcessful adult career with a string of rolls in dark and moody independent films. While in In The Bedroom , Nick--despite the films title and his sexy affair with Marisa Tomei--doesn't show his prick, fans of this fresh-faced cutie need not worry. That same year in the revenge drama Bully , Mr. Stahl shows it all from ass to pubes. Despite future risky rolls in Sin City and Night of the White Pants , this child star turned stud hasn't shown much skin since. We think Mr.

LAPD Promises Nick Stahl Arrest Not Part Of Porn Witch-Hunt

By Lou Lumenick. Running time: minutes. Not rated explicit sex, much nudity, violence, profanity. At the Angelika, Houston and Broome streets. Bullies are in the news right now, but there is scant insight into exactly how Bobby played by the scrawny Nick Stahl could continually make life hell for these middle-class kids — especially his longtime buddy and lead killer Marty Puccio.

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