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I have always been incredibly hard on myself. What does that even… Read More. That series of recordings from the party comprise the first installment of my ongoing series Horizontal Storytelling. My guests enjoyed reiki, massage, empathy sessions, and cookies upon arrival.

Talking about sex is SO much easier with this step-by-step guide

How to talk about sex with your partner - advice from Lila Darville

Why can it be so difficult to talk about sex? But the truth is that the most skillful lovers are the ones who are attuned to themselves and their lovers—and they are asking great questions. To have great sex, you have to talk about it. This is a new paradigm of sexuality. Fear stops us from diving fully into relationships, from communicating, from requesting what we desire, from knowing what we desire, and from getting what we need to feel safe so that we can authentically be in pleasure. On any given day our desires, needs, and wants shift. Our needs for one encounter to the next change, regardless of whether we are with the same partner or not.

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My Sex Project is my attempt to write about sex, love, life and more every week for year. Say hello! I met Lila real quick after a Touchpoint.