Lesbian pages on instagram

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10 Hot And Stylish Lesbian, Bi & Queer Women You NEED To Be Following on Instagram

The best places to find queer joy on Instagram

Lesbians, bisexuals, and queer folks of all identities love learning about our history. Are we a naturally nerdy bunch? Is dyke herstory just very engaging? Does structural oppression and erasure make a generation hungry for a narrative from our elders, a lifeline back to our roots? Has watching two women lock lips without giving a fuck about the male gaze just always been really fucking incredible?!

The best places to find queer joy on Instagram

To know that people can live OUT in many different countries helps make me believe that we are closer to the day when our love is truly universally accepted. Below are 10 accounts from 10 different countries around the world that I have felt inspired by in one way or another. There are so many things about these girls that I just absolutely adore! They made a video and asked the world if anyone would want to donate sperm and they got A LOT of responses. Am I the only one who would die to read through all the emails they got?!?
Queer women have long been relegated to the margins of fashion. Platforms like Instagram, on the other hand, offer queer women a democratic space to cobble together their own cultural history. Under the gaze of the lesbian Instagrammer, figures of all sexual orientations and genders are capable of projecting Big Dyke Energy. The gay canonisation of straight women comes down to a visibility problem, with a relative dearth of actual celesbians in Hollywood to idolise. After all, Ellen Degeneres, who came out in , still remains one of the most high-profile lesbians in popular culture.