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For a while, it had an X rating, but a scene between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Robert Romanus made the young women in preview audiences so uncomfortable that Universal toned it down. The year-old Miss Leigh puts it less euphemistically. The boy is a virgin, which no one in the movie is supposed to know, and it's his first attempt at love making, and it's very awkward, shallow, awful. But funny, too. But this was real, almost documentary.

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The Hateful Eight trailer. But a snowstorm forces Daisy and a bounty hunter to take shelter in a remote cabin where a lot of bad things start happening. Leigh is coming off one of her most successful years as an actress. After becoming a mom, she did fewer movies and was mostly cast in smaller indie films.

AT THE MOVIES; Jennifer Leigh and her trip from X to R.

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The past 15 years or so has seen Jennifer Jason Leigh spend far too much time lost in the Hollywood wilderness. The undeniably talented actor has been cruelly underused by an industry that never quite knew how to take her, despite a set of fine performances. Here are her other career highs so far:.