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What is up drama alert nation I'm your host Killer Keemstar lets get right in to the news Oh my God, shit is going downYesterday We reported as team 10 members known as Chance and Anthony, we're trying to jump rice gum. They uploaded a video titled Confronting the bully and for a quick reminder Here's a clip of what they said before they went to rice gums house Roll it We never did anything like literally this guy's entire Career is based off of dogging other people and putting other people down don't make fun of other people That's not what it's about stuff, bro Then Tessa You're going to call a girl ugly There's no point or reason to ever call a girl anything other than beautiful All you're doing is putting them down like for no reasons bro You're literally calling a girl ugly idiot like why that just doesn't make sense dude. Yeah Damn, he were coming that way yeah He definitely not down really knew definitely spying on us right now Yeah he's looking at us somewhere now just so you know all the youtubers watch drama right and After we aired this story last night Rice gum fired back on Twitter when her chance came to the house when I wasn't home trying to start problems pulp again and get slapped boys, oh It's going down it is going down Buckling keep your hands that see inside the car at all times It's going down chance responded by saying you want to put a hand on me calm down And that's when faze banks responded wave come back to the fucking house then now listen I reached out to faze banks I've known him forever to ask him what the deal was and him and rice Really want to throw down on the team Ten boys? Showing a video from a former team ten member with the title that says the truth about team ten wanting sexual favors Jake Paul Nick Crumpton now Here's the deal this former member of team 10 is claiming that Nick crumpton Wanted sexual favors for him in order to Advance his career. WolfieRaps — Check the Statistics Ft.

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Literally, right after Jake, 22, and Tana, 21, were declared husband and wife but right before they could seal the deal with a kiss on July 28, an unknown man in a red shirt supposedly threw a glass of champagne at Jake. The YouTube star was visibly upset at the interruption, and the officiant, Team 10 member Arman Izadi , charged the wedding crasher. As the alleged champagne chucker was being dragged out, another guest threw a few fists, giving the man in red an unconventional wedding memento: a concussion! After the wedding, cooler heads prevailed in the degree heat, Jake and Tana finally got a chance to kiss. Jake was also given a moment to fully take in his new wife.

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Paul took down the clip a day later, after it had already garnered at least 6 million views. He issued an apology, followed by a second apology , in the aftermath. From Samsung's massive ' TV to the first fingerprint sensor smartphone, check out what has caught our eye so far.
Team 10 has been stirring up some trouble lately. Between the Jake Paul and Logan Paul feud and all of the drama with Alissa Violet , fans didn't think things could get crazier — but they just did. This crew consists of a bunch of friends including Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton.