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Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority group in the U. Previous researchers have examined the relationship of Hispanic cultural factors and the sexual behaviors of Hispanic men who have sex with men HMSM. However, the exact influence of Hispanic culture factors on the sexual behaviors of these men is currently unclear. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of selected Hispanic cultural factors and the sexual behaviors of a sample of HMSM.

Sexual Values Among Latino Youth: Measurement Development Using a Culturally Based Approach

On 'Horny' Latinos and Their Taboos Around Sex | HuffPost

Few studies have examined associations between culturally based sexual values and behaviors among Latinos. A sample of sexually active Latinos aged 16—22 residing in San Francisco were interviewed in — Multiple regression and multinomial logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine associations between sexual values and behaviors, while adjusting for language use a proxy for acculturation and other covariates. The importance attached to female virginity was negatively associated with the number of sexual partners women had had in their lifetime odds ratio, 0. For men, the importance of satisfying sexual needs increased with the numbers of lifetime and recent sexual partners 1. For women, considering satisfaction of sexual needs important was associated with more sexual partners only among those who attached little value to female virginity.

Hispanic population, by sex and age U.S. 2018

Latino youth in the United States are at higher risk for negative sexual outcomes compared to their European American counterparts. Adherence to traditional sexual values may protect against or increase their risk. Past studies have generally utilized proxy measures, such as acculturation, to assess sexual values. The objective of the current study was to develop and test culturally based sexual values measures among Latino youth. Focus groups and qualitative interviews were conducted to generate themes related to sexual values.
Latin Americans are usually seen as open and uninhibited when it comes to sex. Naturally this is just that: an image. Nothing could be further from the truth. Evidence of this disparity lies in the types of questions we regularly get on our site, Hablemos de Sexo y Amor : "My penis is 13 centimeters in length, how can I make it longer?