Fat hairy guy with guns

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So naturally started digging deeper until I found this. I laughed so hard I had to know more. Thank you for saving me the time lol. I wrote up this guy on my Men of Craigslist blog- seethatguy. I hope he understands how deeply he has touched the souls of complete strangers.

That fat hairy guy with guns and guitar hero guitars..

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When you see the above image, there's the overwhelming initial WTF. In the aftermath, the quiet after the bomb, there is time to ponder. Is this a joke? Are those guns real? Is that a toddler bed??? People have been using this image to illustrate their point internetly since Which is quite a long shelf life these days.


However you feel about obesity and its effect on society, you will be hard-pressed to find funnier things on the internet than these fat guys and their exploits. Are these fat guy videos and pictures funnier because these large and in charge dudes are hilariously chubby? Resolutely, yes. However, many of these funny fat guy pictures would be just as funny if they featured skinny guys. Hahaha, no they wouldn't.
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