Elephant sex

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Six ways of seeing the elephant: the intersection of sex, gender, and leadership

Uncovering the Secrets of Elephant Sex | OHSU News

The proportions of women in positions of power and authority, leader preferences, leader stereotypes, attitudes toward women as leaders, linkages of leadership theories to gender stereotypes, and sex differences in leader behaviour and effectiveness are reviewed. The managerial playing field continues to be tilted in favor of men and behaviours associated with the masculine gender stereotype, a phenomenon that occurs despite what leadership theories and field evidence would suggest. Future research should continue to track trends in proportions, preferences, stereotypes, attitudes, behaviour, and effectiveness pertaining to the intersection of sex, gender, and leadership. Scholars should not limit themselves in the kinds of research methods they apply to this task.

elephant sex

In a study that may improve animal breeding and reveal more about how animals detect odors, Utah and Oregon scientists have learned how proteins help a female sex attractant stimulate male elephants so they mate, and how one protein may end their arousal. Prestwich , Ph. The researchers identified a protein - known as OBP or odorant binding protein - that they believe acts like a sponge to absorb the female pheromone or sex attractant after mating has occurred and the male no longer needs to be stimulated.
Kristin Davis. Bio In the time it takes to read this story, another African elephant will be dead, slaughtered to feed a seemingly insatiable global appetite for ivory. That urgent message is at the heart of Gardeners of Eden , a powerful documentary produced by Kristin Davis, an actor best known as the kindhearted but lovelorn yuppie Charlotte York on the hit TV show Sex and the City. In real life, Davis is a passionate environmental activist committed to saving African elephants, one at a time if necessary.