Deadshot and harley quinn sex

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Everyone knows that Harley Quinn is a woman with a pretty loose grasp on reality. But she's also someone people can't help but become entranced by. Maybe it's her wild personality, or how uninhibited she has become in more recent years, but Harley has definitely become many a person's crush. So for those characters looking for a little excitement in their lives, a romantic appeal has definitely developed around the clown girl. You might know a couple of Harley's more iconic love interests, but she has actually dabbled in more relationships than you might realize.

Parting Shot: Harley Quinn Jokes That Her Vagina is a Clown Car in ‘Suicide Squad’

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Just when you think things couldn't get more ridiculous for hammer-wielding Juggalette Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn, along comes the recent Suicide Squad 3 from writer Adam Glass and artist Cliff Richards, where Harley has sex with Deadshot in a bathroom and apparently compares her own vagina to a clown car. One of the most noticeable things about Harley and Deadshot's hookup is that they somehow magically have sex through their clothing, which I can only assume is an homage to Catwoman 1 and maybe just how people have sex now in the New During their rendezvous, Harley says "this reminds me of a joke about a clown car " as Deadshot is presumably penetrating her, and while I've tried to think of alternate interpretations, I really can't. Harley is comparing her private parts to a clown car because she wants Deadshot to know that lots of things go in and out of her. Like they do in a clown car. Oh, and just in case you weren't totally sure that Deadshot scored -- a fair assumption, since they seemingly never take off their clothes -- we're treated to a panel later in the comic where Deadshot talks about how he "got [his] rocks off," but that it doesn't mean anything because he's such a player and now he's dust in the wind or whatever.

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