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Currently, it stands at nearly 50, subscribers, which is disorienting to an outsider — i. But having a separate [forum] to celebrate that amazing body and worship the boobs and other assets of a goddess brought a smile to my face. The scene itself is surprisingly mild. Daddario is wearing a baggy white T-shirt, in a musty, ugly-wallpapered Louisiana apartment with a married Woody Harrelson.

Alexandra Daddario hot scene from True Detective

Alexandra Daddario Talks 'True Detective' Nude Scene: 'I Just Sort Of Did It' - MTV

As Lisa Tragnetti, Daddario plays the young woman who has an affair Detective Hart Harrelson , and after just a brief appearance in the first of eight episodes, her role greatly expands in the second. Speaking with MTV News, Daddario recalled her decision to take on the role and how she approached her revealing scenes with Harrelson. I saw it as an interesting challenge," Daddario said. The character is really different from anything that I've done before. The nudity was just part of that. On the day of the shoot, Daddario took comfort in her more costar, whose experience helped her through a situation that could have been awkward. He made the whole situation very comfortable," Daddario said.

The 50,000 Men Obsessed With ‘That True Detective Scene With Alexandra Daddario’

As if True Detective wasn't already one of the best new series of the year, they had to go and top themselves in the Sunday, Feb. True Detective filmed the sequence in an actual housing development, which took weeks to secure permission to do, with Fukunaga plotting out the "the most interesting path, but also the most logical path. And prior to filming, Fukunaga said the crew practiced the scene in a replica of the house so they could carefully choreograph every beat.

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