Boobs in the woods

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In this film, Porky Pig is essentially trapped with Daffy in the woods, but without any preference to hunt him, though he attempts to murder him — by shotgun and axe — on two different occasions. In some instances, Daffy heckles Porky by acting as a sort of woodland regulator—disputing infringement on having his own lake painted, posing as a sheriff and executor governing gun laws, and questioning if Porky possesses specific licenses, including one to sell hair tonic to bald eagles in Omaha, Nebraska. Pete Burness handles a large section where Porky rushes back to his fishing lure, a bell, which Daffy rings to his attention—only to find nothing in the water. The music was by Scott, and Charles Tobias wrote the lyrics.

MM - Boobs In The Woods

Porky and Daffy in “Boobs In The Woods” () |

See our picks. Title: Boobs in the Woods Daffy Duck pitches to J. Warner a starring role with himself in a ridiculously over the top swashbuckler film. A goose claims that Daffy laid a golden egg.

Boobs in the Woods

Boobs in the Woods is a animated Warner Bros. Daffy is enjoying his "daffy" nature around the forest. Later, Porky pulls up and sets up camp to enjoy the countryside. He paints a landscape picture, briefly interrupted when Daffy poses. Taking a hint, Daffy rides off.
After Daffy wanders through a countryside singing a nonsense song to the tune of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" and doing silly things, he dives into a lake. Later, Porky pulls up and sets up camp, intending to enjoy the countryside. He first tries making a painting, but is stopped when Daffy poses, "cluttering up" the scenery. Daffy bicycles out on an invisible bike a noticeable goof is when he says "So long, Rembrandt", Daffy's mouth does not move.