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Our current plan is to shift the spring schedule to play a full 11 games beginning in early May. Summer would then be reduced to an abbreviated session, depending on the number of weeks we can get in before fall. We will be working with arena staff to update our spring schedules and will contact each division individually. For now, please refer to your league schedule and assume the first game in May will be the start of your season. Additional games would be added into July to complete a full session.

Adult Hockey Programs

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Skip to Main Content. Beginner Hockey Skating programs are excellent for those just starting out and Advanced Hockey Skating programs are perfect for those who are more seasoned. Already a confident skater? Check out our Adult Hockey Skills Class to advance your hockey skills. Sessions will focus on: skating, shooting, passing, body-positioning, and stick handling, as well as game strategy and positioning. Full equipment and playing experience is required.

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AHA Hockey provides instructional programs, tournaments, and league play throughout the year. We emphasize a fun, safe, and competitive experience for all skill levels. AHA Hockey has programs designed for everyone from the beginning hockey player to highly skilled players, both men and women. Stay connected and have some fun by joining our new eHockey league!
Website will be updated hopefully soon. Please check back for updates. The Sherwood Ice Arena Adult Hockey League is dedicated to providing players of all skill levels a safe place to play where the focus is on fun and sportsmanship with equal playing time for all players. The SIA hockey league stresses equal play at all levels of competition. Teams are continually scouted throughout the seasons.