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Summary : For four young men, love and intimacy are in the air, even though they may not be aware of it. Sensitive Pornograph holds within it two tales of sexual romance for two different couples of men. The first is a tale between two manga artists, Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki. In the second tale, Koji Ueno is a part-time pet sitter, hired to take care of a rabbit named Aki for a new client. More troubling than this is that Aki informs Koji that they are both in danger of upsetting the client, and the only way for Koji to get out safely is for them to make love together. Two stories, four men, and the one emotion of love that unites them all in the new twists their lives have taken.

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It has one episode which is made up of two separate and unconnected parts, the title story and the fifth story in the book, "Trophies Belong in the Bedroom". It was animated by Phoenix Entertainment. The plot-line develops from Yamada mistaking Sono for a girl. After having discovered him to be a boy, Seiji still falls in love with him, and they have an intimate affair.

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