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Wan Chai became legendary for its exotic night life, especially for the US servicemen resting there during the Vietnam War. It has been the landing point for visiting US Navy sailors for decades. He supplies the photos, the comments and the captions to this Flashbak. And because he never throws anything away, we see the bar cards and other ephemera from the era. One of the girls from a bar I had frequented came to the airport to see me leave,and actually paid for the taxi there! The days I spent here are still vivid memories-the other places I went have faded in my memory such that I can barely recall them.

Prostitution in Hong Kong

Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide - A Farang Abroad

Hong Kong's red light districts are famed around the world thanks to the likes of Suzy Wong and hundreds of visiting sailors. Many visitors arrive in the city believing Hong Kong's red light districts and prostitutes are legal. However, this is not Amsterdam, and the answer is a little muddy. It was here that Suzy Wong was set and where American sailors on shore leave pile into.

Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong has a long history of prostitution with the most well-known district being Wan Chai. Made famous by many movies, Wan Chai gained notoriety as a popular red light district during the s when US soldiers, serving in the Vietnam War and based in the area, found their pleasures catered for by locals and migrant sex workers. Brothels are illegal and women cannot solicit sex and others may not earn money from the earnings of a sex worker.
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