Sore after anal sex

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Does it hurt? Can you orgasm from it? Is everyone having anal regularly now? The truth: Not really. They can also choose to go up in size or down, depending on how their bodies respond.

What can cause rectal pain?

Anal Sex Safety: Pain, Risks, Possible Complications, and More

I'm a man. This is embarrassing and I can't face going to see my family doctor. Last Friday I went out with friends, got very drunk and invited another guy back to my place. We had safe anal sex I was the passive member , but he was very rough. Since then I have had a very painful, itchy rectum and suffered quite a bit of bleeding, especially when going to the toilet.

Anal Sex Safety: Everything You Need to Know

The rectum is the lower part of the large intestine, and it ends at the anus. Injury, inflammation, and infections that affect the anus and rectum can cause rectal pain. For instance, determining when the pain occurs — such as when sitting or during a bowel movement — and uncovering any additional symptoms can help narrow down the cause. Rectal pain has a wide variety of causes, from minor to serious.
As more couples explore this type of sex, understanding the risks, rewards, and proper strategy is important. According to the Centers for Disease Control CDC , anal sex is primarily growing in popularity with couples under age You might think of anal sex as anal penetration with a penis, but you have a few more options.