Snowboarding sex

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Follow or disregard at your own discretion. Ladies and gentlemen. It always ends in disappointment. Gentlemen generally come in the form of arse-hanging-out-of-pants, long, greasy-haired, bearded types. Take your beeps and check the snow pack — risk of avalanche and ice burn.

Sexual Snowboarding!

Urban Dictionary: snowboarding

SnowBoarding unknown. A sexual act, where one or more partners are 'boarded' in a animal cage. The partner on the outside, who has saved up his oils for roughly 2 weeks dumps the oils on the partners who are boarded inside the cage. No, dude. I would never subject your or any one I loved to such a foul and depraved sexual act as snowboarding.

8 Things I’ve Learnt About Sex In The Snow

I know you youngsters have good intentions. You may have a sense of adventure, a desire to learn new skills, or a trust fund that seems like it will last forever. Whatever your reason, it is probably more noble than the one that first put me on the ski lift at Bridger Bowl at age I was insanely jealous of everybody. I was the sort of girlfriend who would throw away the department store ads that come in the newspaper because the women in bras were hotter than I was.

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