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Three months later, Tolentino was on a plane to the Caribbean to appear in Girls v. Boys: Puerto Rico —which, it should surprise no one, involved two teams of teenagers competing against each other in various challenges while living together in a house brimming with hormones and low-stakes drama. At the time, reality TV was just beginning its sprawl into every corner of consciousness, and almost all traces of Girls v. Boys: Puerto Rico have since disappeared from not just television but the internet though it is possible to find one picture of the cast standing arm in arm on the beach, with Tolentino sporting a crop top and a winning grin. It would be easy to dismiss the show as just so much detritus from the new millennium, or simply an early harbinger of what was to come.

What is Vaginal Agenesis?

Jia Tolentino Makes Sense Out of This Nonsense Moment

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Murder of Elisa Izquierdo

Elisa Izquierdo February 11, — November 22, was a six-year-old Puerto Rican — Cuban-American girl [2] who died from a brain hemorrhage [2] inflicted by her mother, Awilda Lopez, at the peak of a prolonged and increasing campaign of physical , mental , and emotional child abuse conducted between and Described by authorities in New York as the "worst case of child abuse they had ever seen," [3] the life and death of Elisa Izquierdo first made city, then national headlines when it became clear that the city's child welfare system now the Administration for Children's Services had missed numerous opportunities to intervene with her family and ultimately save her life. Elisa's Law was implemented in February Elisa has been referred to as a modern-day Cinderella because she had initially been under the protection of a loving father and had befriended Prince Michael of Greece —who had offered to pay for her private tuition until 12th grade—before being placed into the permanent custody of her mother.
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