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Editor's note: This story contains graphic images showing fake blood and props representing mutilated animals. The animal-rights organization does a lot of "shockvertising" : using controversial images to burrow a message into your brain, by way of nearly naked people, bloody animal corpses, or an intensely dark sense of humor. PETA revels in its audacity, putting together websites to promote ads that have been banned or rejected. Though they turn heads, critics say these ads cross the line into vulgarity. In particular, PETA has been slammed for objectifying women most of the ads below feature women in various states of undress.

33 Celebrities Who Went Totally Nude for PETA Ads

54 Best PETA ads images | Peta ads, Peta, Animal rights

From vegetarians and animal rights champions to "reformed" fur wearers and budding environmentalists, celebs have long appeared in PETA's print advertisements and videos. Many of these celebrities are often featured nude, which has led to criticism from feminist groups that claim these images objectify women and rely on oppressive "sex sells" ideologies. Others claim it's empowering when women choose to flaunt their bodies in order to convey a message dear to their hearts. Whatever your personal feelings on PETA's nude ads, there's no denying that they're effective in drawing attention. You might be surprised by some of the stars who've gone nude for the cause. From Taraji P. Henson to Christina Applegate, here are some of the celebs who dared to bare it in the name of animal rights.

20 Stars Who Stripped Down & Posed Naked For PETA (PHOTOS)

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