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Black's Beach is at the base of foot-high sandstone cliffs. It's two miles long and as wide as 60 feet at low tide. As many as 1, people may show up at Black's Beach on a hot summer day. Nudity bans are enforced on the south end of Blacks Beach, in the city-owned section - and possibly in the clothed part of Torrey Pines State Beach. If you visit, help keep Black's open for nude recreation by respecting the boundary signs and covering up if you're going beyond them.

Black's Beach

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Black's Beach in San Diego is known for its laissez-faire attitude toward nudity. While nude sunbathing is not legal, being clothed is not enforced. We're told the La Jolla beach is a place for shriveled up old pervs who still think it's But for some reason, on a cold, windy, blustery day in , a year-old woman descended the perilous bluffs of Black's. Of course, the news helicopters arrived. And well, the shots were spectacular. Rescuers were called to the cliffs near the Torrey Pines State Park glider port at p.

The Best Nude Beaches in California

When going nude on California's beaches, there's often a wide chasm between expectation and reality -- but that's more of a "nude beach" thing than a California thing. You can't just drop trou and get an all-over tan at any old stretch of Golden State shoreline, and the select beaches where California does allow nude sunbathing are mostly and not-so-coincidentally in hard-to-reach and obscure locations. In other words, they're the kind of amenity-free beaches where you'd do well to bring your own food, drinks, chairs, and umbrellas.
How do I get there? A weekend of brilliant sunshine brings from 10, to 12, persons of all ages, sizes and shapes scrambling down a steep and ragged canyon to the isolated beach. Eight out of 10 of those frequenting Black's Beach go completely bare. A few women appear topless with minuscule string bikini bottoms, and even fewer wear bathing suits.