Lindsay lohan doing sex

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Lindsay Lohan, who claims to have had sex. Photo via Flickr user Joel Kramer. Us neither! But as we all know, none of us is Lindsay Lohan—the perpetually scandal-ridden tabloid star allegedly wrote a list out at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and because Lindsay is Lindsay, she forgot the list at the hotel and it found its way to InTouch magazine. Also, for some reason Lindsay has excluded her teen love, Aaron Carter.

The Questions We’re Asking About Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List

lindsay lohan sex list

It looks as if Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality show, Lindsay naturally , is saving all the most interesting truth-bombs until last, because she's now said that the leaked, hand-written sex list, is real! Although we had our reasons to believe it was fake — the date it was discovered was misreported, the story behind it that it was written while Lindsay was on a night out with pals didn't add up and the list didn't include people she'd had relationships with, such as Harry Morton on Samantha Ronson — it is utterly real! It's step number five or step number eight'. That was in my Betty Ford book, so that was really personal to my sponsor.

Lindsay Lohan’s Leaked Sexual Conquests, Ranked

Names might signify long-term loves or a barely memorable one-night stand. But then again, we're not Lindsay Lohan. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside. PC Valmorbida — a year-old gallery owner. Nope, us neither.
It was a few years ago. I think I probably was. I actually never even really drank that much, and as I told Oprah, I only did coke times, so statistically, the chances are good I was not wasted when this happened. I was wandering around the Chateau Marmont, which is a hotel. I will say that I do like the Chateau because there are lots of beautiful flowers tended by people who care as deeply about tending flowers as I do about my passion, starring in films.