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Want to master courtship in Kingdom Come Deliverance? There are a number of romance options in Kingdom Come Deliverance, all with different characters and end results. Most will gift you a trophy or achievement too. Lady Stephanie is one of the first female characters you spend any significant time with, and early on she proves useful for a free bit of cash if you speak to her in Talmberg.

Kingdom Come Deliverance courtship guide: how to romance Stephanie, Theresa, barmaids and more

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Lady Stephanie of Talmberg was the wife of Sir Divish. Stephanie was married to Lord Divish when she was 18 years old, arranged by her father. Although he was kind to her, they had only been shortly married before he was captured by Havel Medek of Valdek , who imprisoned Divish and occupied Talmberg. Stephanie appealed to the king, but he did not interfere.

Stephanie of Talmberg

Last Edited: 19 Feb am. Speak to Lady Stephanie at Talmberg Castle. Pick the following responses during the conversation you have with her to start the At Your Service, My Lady quest:.
The following page contains the information on how to seduce Lady Stephanie in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. She's one of the potential romance options for Henry, the game's protagonist. If you succeed in seducing Lady Stephanie, you'll be awarded the Casanova achievement. Note - leading this romance to its "happy end" will prevent you from acquiring the Virgin trophy.