High beds for adults

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Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. Unlike bunk beds which in a home are usually associated with kids, loft beds can be quite sophisticated and they can also be used by adults. Adult loft beds are a pretty diversified category and they differ from each other in lots of ways that have to do with size, shape or placement. A full loft bed is usually expected to sit on a raised platform accessible via a ladder or staircase. View in gallery.

Great Ways To Transform Small Spaces With Adult Loft Beds

25 Adult Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms and Apartments

Feeling space deprived? While no incantation will double your home's square footage, room expanding magic will happen with a loft bed. Unlike a standard bed frame most options are around seven inches tall , a loft bed conjures up additional floor space for storage or activities by raising your mattress several feet — Impossibly tall ceilings aren't a requirement. So stop feeling desperate for more elbow room. Instead, take things to new heights with one these twenty-five loft bed ideas. Because of ridiculously high rents in NYC, many residents don't get much square footage for their dollars.

Our 7 Favorite Full-Size Loft Beds for Adults

I put it together by myself with no issues in like 2 hours. I love it! Great bed! It was pretty easy to set up.
We respect your privacy. No obligations here. Lofting your bed can give you more space for a desk, couch or dresser and make a small space feel a lot bigger. A lofted bed just means your bed is elevated off the ground.