Girl into cow transformation

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But, the changes to Carrie had only just begun. Lost in ecstasy over her lactating breasts, Carrie failed to notice the swelling on her abdomen at first. Soon, the growing mound of flesh below her breasts was impossible to ignore. Four teats protruded from it as it swelled larger and larger, engorging with milk just as her breasts had done. And, just like her breasts, it too felt overfilled with milk and sore.

Woman - Cow Transformation (Comic Transformation)

Cow transformation 1 | Cow transformation, Transformations, Soft grunge

With a hint of sarcasm, he addressed the radiant auburn haired beauty before him. Taking a moment to appreciate her grace, Bill remained at a crouch. Usually standing five foot eleven, this lower vantage point let him take in all of her shorter frame. Jul 25, Any 'thing' that might potentially be 'frowned upon' by the international community- don't worry, we've done worse in the past, it's definitely fine. It'll be humane in comparison to whatever the incoming administration will subject us to also it's very hot.

All new artwork will now be added to my newly redesigned, searchable website. Please go to my top site and check it out! Transformation artwork has become my specialty.
Transformation Artwork - Part 3. Because the transformation art section of my page was still SO huge now, I have split off some of the older sequences into a second, archive page. Hopefully this should help load time and preserve the page better. If you run into a snag, you can go back to the this page.