Eating chinese food naked

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In addition, it feels at times as if Ng is wary of being too engaging. Franklin and Bell came to America a dozen years apart in their late teens, Franklin to work for his difficult father and Bell as his mail-order bride years later. Franklin is a hard-working, cigar-smoking tyrant who has alienated his family with his gruff put-downs and relentless demands. Ruby, the youngest of three children, is unusually, protectively attached to her mother. Ruby is at a crossroads, as uncertain about her future with her sweet Jewish boyfriend Nick, an aspiring actor, on whom she compulsively cheats, as she is about her career.


Eating Chinese Food Naked : Mei Ng :

If Amy Tan systematically stripped one of her books of all its lyricism and emotional baggage, she'd end up with something like Mei Ng's debut novel Eating Chinese Food Naked. Ng's subject matter is pure Tan, full of neurotic Chinese-American families, mother-daughter dynamics, intergenerational and intercultural identity crises, Chinese food metaphors, and more. But the similarities end at the storyline. Tan steeps her novels in evocative descriptions of female pain; Ng's writing is flat, terse, and to the point. Her characters' conflicts are wholly internalized, mostly presented in a moment-to-moment account of the disparities between what they think and what they say.

Eating Chinese Food Naked : A Novel

A Chinese-American's ambitious but flat first novel in which recent college graduate Ruby Lee comes home to face the family she fled. Settings, people, and activities especially the preparation of remarkable meals play prominent roles and are vividly and lovingly evoked. But that's not enough to carry a narrative that often seems an underpowered vehicle for characters whose problems feel more contrived than convincing. Ruby is confused about a lot of things: her sexual identity; her relationship with her parents, Bell and Franklin, and with her boyfriend Nick; as well as her reasons for coming home.
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