Bisexual coming out stories

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By Deanna MacNeil. Every gay person has their coming out story. We are on our way to coming out 'fully gay,' or going 'back to straight. Sadly, this means coming out is often just the beginning for us: the beginning of a lifetime of coming out over and over again to people who just don't understand bisexuality.

Coming Out Bi: My Story

5 Coming Out Stories From Gay and Bisexual Women - How to Come Out

Regardless of the individual circumstances, there is no right or wrong way to come out. Of course, some people who identify as members of the LGBT community may choose to come out in a public way, others will not feel safe to do so , while others never will "officially" come out and simply live their lives. It's important to remember that an individual's decision to come out is their own personal choice. Regardless, reading these stories can be comforting and informative for many. The following coming out stories from these Reddit users illustrate just how unique those experiences can be. Of course, INSIDER cannot independently authenticate these stories, b ut perhaps they can serve as a reminder that no matter what a person's coming out story is, everyone's journey deserves to be heard.

30 Girls Get Real About Coming Out

Welcome to our Pride series! In a personal essay for GQ , actress and badass Stephanie Beatriz laments this predicament:. Then maybe you come out to your college friends, who will ask jokingly if you are gay or straight, this and every weekend
Im only out to some close friends, it wad scary but relieving! I came out with this painting I made! BiChat pic. My coming out was great.