Being a foot slave

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Those rules are great! I am sure many foot slaves are craving for them! I'd like to ask: There are a man and a woman slaves. Which one would you prefer, ma'am? I've have experience in being a foot slave so those are common rules. Can I be married and be your foot slave?

What to expect when you are my foot slave

#FootFetish: Yep, I just accepted to have a foot slave - Home - Talk Nerdy To Me Lover

I was always looking at her shoes on the school days. Goddess Despoina. She was sitting next to me in the class, but in a different desk. It would have been wrong if she were sitting next to me - she is a girl, a goddess and I am just a masochistic boy-. This year I was charmed by her, her shoes, her shoe soles, and her feet when they were shown on Instagram. In the class, when she was crossing her legs and the soles of her shoes were visible, I could see all the dirt and the scum she had stepped on! I was dizzy.

My First Story: Becoming a girl's footslave

Friday on Twitter, I tweeted out that I was starting to seriously consider dating a guy with a foot fetish just so I could get my feet rubbed. Kinda creepy, I know, but the more I thought about it the more judgmental I realized I was being over the entire thing. This is just one dude's turn on, boobs and butts are an equally big turn on for a lot of other dudes so if I tweeted out - hey who wants to rub my rack, I GUARANTEE you the response would have been the same if not greater. Moments later I then got a very sweet email from a reader explaining that he was elated I was so curious, and since he lived in LA he wanted to see if we could meet up.
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