Adult walker with wheels

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Elderly people and those with limited lower body strength find it difficult to move around by themselves. Medical walkers are designed to assist them providing a good deal of independence along with the safety and support required. Adult walkers keep users balanced when walking or standing. Seated Walker: These Walkers come with a comfortable wide, seat and a back support for resting. The seat can be raised to step inside the walker frame.

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Not sold in stores. Out of stock online. With falls being the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults aged 65 and older, fall prevention is a concern for all seniors as well as for the people who care for them. A walker can help you or someone for whom you care walk independently with less risk of falling. However, selecting the right walker is important to ensure safety.

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Wheeled walkers are very similar to standard walkers. The major difference is that -- while standard models feature platforms at the bottom of each leg -- wheeled models feature at least two, you guessed it - wheels. Although platforms tend to provide a bit more stability, wheels can reduce friction and make movement easier. If lifting and maneuvering a standard walker is a struggle, you may want to opt for a wheeled variant, but if maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a wheeled walker, you may want to opt for a standard model. Shopping Cart is Empty.
Mobility is key for seniors aging in place and finding a versatile 4-wheel walker with a seat allows them to continue their active lifestyle. This type of walker is also referred to as a rollator, as it makes it easier to get around despite any mobility issues one might have. We have looked at a variety of 4-wheel walkers with seats to find the best options and here are three of the best rollators. The steel frame resists cracking even with heavier weights and the handle height is adjustable so that seniors of varying heights can find the right measurements for them.