Acrobatic sex positions

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The acrobat position is a more advanced variation of the popular reverse cowgirl. To get into this position, the man lays on his back and and his partner straddles him while facing his feet. Once he penetrates her, she leans back and lays on his chest. The two can then move and rock together. While in this position, a man can easily reach around and stimulate his partner's clitoris with his hand or a vibrator.

Ow, Ow! 6 Acrobatic Sex Positions For Cocky Bedroom Show-Offs

What is the Acrobat Sex Position? - Definition from Kinkly

Few things have read me for filth more thoroughly than an astrology meme I once saw on Instagram. In fairness, though, it definitely is—or at least, it can be. Again, guilty as charged. Sometimes, sex should be fast, challenging, mind-expanding. Sometimes you want to feel as intellectually engaged in the act of sex as you are physically engaged in it. To be clear, I am neither flexible, nor particularly strong.

Sex Positions So Acrobatic You’ll Be Shocked People Even Attempt Them

If you are looking to get a bit more acrobatic or a touch more wild, you can start on spins on familiar favorites love the cowgirl, try the reverse cowgirl! They may be for you, they may not be — but finding out will be the fun part! The name pretty much speaks for itself.

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