Criss cross sex position

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Sure, missionary sex is great. We all love it. But there's more out there. If you are wondering if there are sex positions you should be trying , the short answer is a resounding yes. These sex positions are a little less mainstream , but absolutely result in fun to be had. According to many sex experts, women get the most pleasure out of basic missionary sex.

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Karma Sutra sex positions: Carnal Crisscross

What's the first thing you do? Hop into the shower and enjoy some intimate moments with your partner while trying out new sex positions? Well… not really. However, there are numerous other sex positions you can try out without having to be in the best physical condition. Plus, having sex is good for your health.

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The crisscross is a rear entry position in which the receiver lies down on their side facing away from the giver with legs slightly parted. The giver also lies on their side, but at a right angle to their partner. This position works for both anal and vaginal sex. This is also called the X position.
The Criss Cross sex position is a great little variation of many sex positions like legs on shoulder position. To perform it, you need to lay down on your back on either a bed or a table. Then you need to raise your legs so that they are pointing towards the ceiling.