Taking her panties off

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When I started my new job as a single 27 year old, finding romance in the workplace was the furthest thing on my mind. My entry level position at an insurance company placed me in the center of a room full of cubicles populated mostly by women. Most are well above my age demographic and the few that could present possibilities were married. Jamie was a sweet, innocent, and beautiful 24 year old that had been married since she was She was 5 feet and 1 inch of pure sex appeal. Her curly dark blonde hair bounced as she walked.

What She's Thinking During Oral Sex

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Not only does taking the time to truly get to know what gets her hot, what makes her moan and what will get her from A to Z with your tongue, fingers and movement sexy, but it shows her how much you personally care about her orgasm. Okay, you know that already since she can talk about topics and balance everything without missing a beat and you struggle with brushing your teeth before bed, but we digress. We talked to women about what they think about while their partners are going down on them and what they say might just surprise you — and give you some much-needed pointers on how to make oral sex even hotter for her. She might be freshening up with oils, soap or changing underwear for you to take off in about five minutes.

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