Sheer top no bra

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Brave model Jessica Gladstone, 28, from Hackney, dared to bare and took to the streets of London to find out. After whipping off her black bralet, Jessica donned a sheer, long-sleeved top from River Island, which was embellished with a few strategically-placed flowers. While waiting at the bus stop, Jessica caught the eye of Andrew Ayres, a civil engineer, who had just popped out for his lunch break. Jessica tried to go about her day as normal, but did attract a few wolf whistles and stunned double-takes from passers-by.

NSFW Fashion Week Trend: Sheer Shirts With No Bra


Had I been approached with the question Never Have I Ever Worn a sheer shirt without a bra, I would certainly not have imbibed in my solo cup cocktail. In my early twenties, there was never a consideration that I would leave the house without a full coverage undergarment in tow, and even if I had had the courage to even contemplate it, my parents would have a few choice words to speak on the matter. Fast-forward to the year ; a tough year in many ways but a very empowering one in others. Cognitive to all aforementioned accounts, there has been plenty of temptation to leave my tattered, tired and overused bra at home to roam the streets destitute of any paranoia or reservation of my exposed assets.

Can I Wear a Sheer Shirt Without a Bra? A Fashion Editor Ponders

Sheer Blouses and No Bra's! Monday, February 25, I'm Back I know, nobody missed me as nobody but me checks out this blog.
There exist a mixture of opinions when it comes to going out braless in public. On the one hand, you might feel like something out of a Free People catalogue — all messy-haired and gilded-eyed, lying around in meadows and riding rickety bikes in your lace dresses and dusty boots. On the other hand, you might accidentally swing a left and miss that daisy-haired fantasy, feeling instead like a walking siren, completely convinced that every man, woman, and child is staring at your areolas. Your boobs are probably taking advantage of this break from prison and acting accordingly, bouncing around whichever way they like, running wild as you're trying your best to cross the street without getting knocked out in the face by one of them.