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There is more than just their looks that makes us love and idolize them the way that we do, their appearance is just a bonus sometimes. It does make you wonder though, how two entirely different people because at the end of the day celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us have won almost the same genetic lottery and were blessed with the same amazing features. The surprising fact is that they are not even related and they were born years apart. Some of these look alike duos are so different in character and in terms of the roles that they take on, that you really can not stay indifferent to these pictures. For instance, have you ever noticed how Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard resemble each other?

James Marsden Talks About the Time He Was Awkwardly Mistaken For Chris Pine

Chris Pine, James Marsden (Morphed) -

But apparently even on the "Westworld" set he can get confused with other actors. While talking to Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, Marsden described some experiences he's had with fans. Marsden said half of people tend to recognize him, and the other half think he's somebody else. He had a recent experience on a plane, where someone asked "Are you real? This crew guy pulled Marsden aside during the shoot, explaining how it had become a family tradition for him to watch Marsden's films, including with his son.

A 'Westworld' Crew Guy Thinks James Marsden Is Chris Pine

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